Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Settlement and Moving Day!

26th August 2011

Well as promised settlement day arrived and what a traumatic time. If ever you are building this will be the worst week of the entire process. Our site supervisor invited us for a final inspection on the day of settlement and our bank final payment was touch and go to whether it would make it.

Upon inspection we were very unhappy with some of the finishes and demanded that they be rectified immediately after our move in. We had these things documented and Eden Brae did not fail to deliver. Most if not all were rectified immediately.

One word of caution, when they give you your house don't expect it to be clean. It was not specified in our contract that they provide a "builders clean only". This pretty much means the bathrooms are cleaned of grout and the windows are cleaned. We spent the whole weekend scrubbing wall and floors.

Another thing they don't tell you in that the tiles on the floor are nearly impossible to clean. They have a milky film on them that no elbow grease can remove. Eventually straight white vinegar got it off.

The organised a kitchen splash bank and window coverings ourselves and these were installed after handover.

Anyway, with the process now complete and the landscaping started we are nearly finished the building journey. Would I do it again.....probably not!

Here's pictures of the final product:

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  1. Hi - how is living in your new house a few months on? Any changes you wish you'd made?