Friday, September 10, 2010

Plumbing Selection

10th September 2010

While at the Home Option Gallery we had an appointment scheduled with Cooks Plumbing. Of the whole process I found this the most disappointing experience. Eden Brae have quite specific inclusions in terms of tapware and basins and we were told this was all we could have. They had no sample to show what we would actually get in our package other than a flick book with a grainy picture.

I was not happy with the basins in the package and was more than willing to pay the difference to upgrade but when I asked it all seemed to hard. We eventually changed our basins to the following:

Powder Room Sink
Bathroom and Ensuite Sink

We also upgraded the toilets to one with less space between the bowl and cistern. It was only $24 extra so we change over all 3 toilets.

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