Friday, September 10, 2010

Colour Selections

Friday 10th September 2010

Our meeting with Home Options Gallery to make all our selections for the house. We were told to have our bricks and roof tiles selected prior to this appointment. So off to PGH we went, without the kids, for hours of pulling out samples and placing them in different lights to understand what it would look like in a whole house!

Final outside selection:
Brick - Espresso - Ironed with off white mortar
Roof - CSR Traditional - Barrumundi
Garage Door - Dune
Windows - Bond off White - Surfmist
Balcony - Monument
Gutters / Downpipes - Monument
Balcony Render - Dune
Driveway - Charcoal Pavers
Front Door - Rich Walnut

Inside Selection:
Walls - Dulux Morning Moon
Woodwork  / Doors - White Smoke
Skirting - 1/2 Splay Ashwood
Cornice - Jazz

Our designer, Michelle was fantastic and completely understood the direction we wanted to go in terms of colour / look. A note for anyone tackling this project, develop a mood book with images from magazines. By me doing this, we were able to knock 2 hours off the selection process and Michelle was able to reduce the number of choices to those applicable to us.  

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