Friday, September 10, 2010

Tiles / Carpet Selection

10th September 2010

Our tile and carpet selection was not scheduled for the day of our Home Options Gallery appointment, but as we finished our selections so quickly we decided to head off to Di Lorenzo. Of all the house selections I found floor tiles and carpet the most challenging. 

After two hours of pulling out tiles and walking back and forth from the carpet wall we thought we had it all picked out. However,  I have to admit that our first selection was changed the very next day, once I slept on it over night. It just didn't feel right!

After taking my mum and husband back to Di Lorenzo and using our one change allowance we changed our selection to below:  

Initially I wanted lighter carpet and darker floor tiles but with two small children we decided to go in the reverse. To make it harder for ourselves, with our new grey colour scheme, we now have furniture which does not suit (current house is brown tones!). We are using a rich walnut on the front door and staircase (open tread risers) so the colours should all tie in nicely. I HOPE!

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