Friday, September 17, 2010

Electrical Selection

Well what can be said about the electrical appointment with Home Smart Innovations. My husband had a field day!

We went to this meeting knowing that there would be some essentials (powerpoints, tv points) and also get the house wired for down lights but by the time we left we had in ceiling surround sound to not only the media room but to the outside alfresco area. How did that happen?

To be honest this process was fantastic and was made even easier by the computer program they use to design the electrical blue print. We were able to place the electrical's exactly where we wanted them and it would keep a tally of what had been spent. That way if you are over budget you can then start taking things off until you bring it down. Fantastic! 

In the end, we spent an additional $4k on electrical but we have now got just about everything we will ever need.

Upgrades to electrical includes:
  • Full down light installation to downstairs and front door ( we were only going to get them wired in and installed later but after doing some research it wasn't much dearer to let them do the full installation)
  • Extra power points, three way switches and tv points.
  • 5 point surround sound to media room and alfresco.
  • Doorbell
  • Outside lighting wired in

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